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These tools help me focus. I'm not trying to profit from this site in any way. Tool 1 is a more powerful version of a Pomodoro timer: you can frontload a list of tasks and times. The useful part for me is that at the end of the timer it tells me what to do next. This could obviously be done by holding a list next to the a timer and using both but I find this integration of the two reduces friction for me on some days. Tool 2 is the familiar Cornell Notes system for memorizing something by seeing it in three different ways over a period of days. I learned about Cornell Note Taking from Avid . I'm a fan of studying in general.


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Study tools

  • The Boss of Me
  • This is a more powerful, more flexible, more programmable pomodoro timer
  • If you've never tried a simple Pomodoro timer, like Pomotroid, you might want to go try one of those first
  • This is a little more bossy: it tells you what to do and when to do it. The only upside is, it is past-you talking to future-you
  • Free up headspace and stay in the zone, switch contexts more easily, force yourself to leave a timeboxed task and come back to it in a better timeframe
  • Very quickly enter dozens of times and next-task descriptions
  • Slow Learn
  • Take notes on your phone or computer
  • Proven four step process
  • Forces you to repeat and organize
  • Cornell Notes were invented at Cornell College

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